Our tips on the most beautiful places to visit in Modica

Modica is one of the loveliest baroque towns in Val di Noto, in the south-east of Sicily.

 Visit Modica but live it as a local, not as a tourist; an immersion in the most authentic, natural contexts, not specifically built for tourism.

We believe that this is the only way to get to know the true scents and flavours of Sicilian cuisine, the furnishings and customs of a local family of yesterday and today, the history that is hidden in the faces of the people who tell the story of their land, sharing emotions, memories and hopes.

VisitModica is the way we propose so that you become concerned protagonists of all that this city represents: art, culture, nature, food and wine.

Here, we give you only a list of everything that VisitModica wants to tell you and make you live, also thanks to the Experiences of Taste and Beauty proposed by Sabadì in Modica: tastings, tours in calessino (motorised tricycle), walks and guided tours, stays in authentic dwellings.

Modica is also called the city of a hundred churches because over the centuries more than one hundred churches – many of which are now closed to worship or not accessible – have been built in all its territory, one of the largest in the province of Ragusa. We suggest other monumental and beautiful churches in a sort of journey through the city, along with palaces, museums and other monuments that we like!

Modica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, in addition to its chocolate, it offers much more…

The historic quarter of Modica is located in the lower and upper part of the city, while in the “deaf” area there are new buildings and the commercial area.