modica chocolate shop

The famous chocolate shop in Modica

Tour and tasting in the famous Chocolate Shop in Modica

The natural stone of the vault and the walls, the works of art on the ceiling evoking the light flight of swallows, the plants, the wood, the music in the background and the warm and delicate lights turn this place into the Sabadì Temple of Taste and Beauty. Friendly and prepared staff will guide guests into the tasting and knowledge of chocolate, from the story of its historical origins to the careful selection of raw materials, up to its processing thanks to which Sabadì has been the best Modica Chocolate for 9 consecutive years. In the Shop you can find all the chocolate ranges, candies, nougats and Bibite Madre. The experience lasts from 20 minutes to about 50 minutes, depending on the needs of guests and guides. Italian, English and French. The Sabadì Shop is also present in Piazza Duomo in Ortygia, Syracuse, where we offer the exclusive Syracuse Chocolate!

chocolate ageing cellar

 Chocolate aged in rosebuds

Tour and tasting in the first Chocolate Ageing Cellar in the World

You can visit the place where the Ageing of Sabadì Chocolate takes place, an educational/sensory space where we explain, also by means of prints and illustrations, the chocolate ageing process inside the elegant metal boxes and the precious casks in the cellar. A real Sensory Journey that culminates with the tasting of the chocolates aged in tobacco, teas, herbs, resins, spices and casks. Limited edition on sale only at the Cellar. The experience lasts from 20 minutes to about 50 minutes, depending on the needs of guests and guides. Italian, English and French

Modica Chocolate Factory

Tour and tasting at the Chocolate Factory

The visit lasts about one hour, and it is especially recommended for large groups. There are no distances that need to be covered on foot, several buses can access and park.
The tour – also available in English – is guided by a person in charge who will explain, in a simplified way, the steps of making chocolate, will tell the philosophy behind the selection of raw materials up to the final product, and will offer tastings of chocolate for each of the production ranges that are explained. Booking required. 
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Modica chocolate and Marsala pairing

Guided tastings of chocolates paired with alcoholic beverages: marsala, vermouth, whisky, rum and beer

This experience can take place at the Shop and Ageing Cellar in Modica and Syracuse, for up to 4 visitors at a time. Or, upon request, for groups, at Gli Orti di San Giorgio in Modica, and inside the historical Palazzo Borgia in Syracuse.
We will take you on a special Journey of Taste, explaining the pairing of some chocolates with spirits and other beverages. In Italian and English.